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Core business

  • 2020-present: Research Director at CNRS

  • 2006-2020: Researcher at CNRS

Administrative and scientific responsibilities

  • 2020-present: Member of the Scientific College of the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction

  • 2020-present: Member of the journal's editorial boardDrugs and international issues

  • 2020-present: Member of the journal's editorial boardDrug policies

  • 2012-present: Member of the IRISSO laboratory council

  • 2018-2020: Deputy Director of IRISSO

  • 2009-2019: Head of Thematic Network 42 “Sociology of elites” of the French Association of Sociology

  • 2014-2016: Member of the CNRS national committee - section 40

  • 2008-2016: Member of the board of directors of Paris Dauphine University

Thesis supervision

  • 2022-present: Yinglei Han, Corporate Honorum. Massive Data Analysis of Careers in the Corporations, PSL-Paris Dauphine University. Co-supervision with Dario Colazzo (LAMSADE)

  • 2020-present: Arthur Miguel,Comparative analysis of investment banking in France and the United States of America (1986-2010), PSL-Paris Dauphine University. Co-supervision with Madalina Olteanu (CEREMADE).

  • 2019-present: Yann Goltrant,The Corporate Honorum UK. Study of economic elites through their trajectories, PSL-Paris Dauphine University

  • 2015-2019: Chardavoine Julia,Leaders of large companies in Mexico in the 21st century. The resistance of family capitalism in the face of globalization, PSL-Paris Dauphine University

Seminars and teachings

  • 2022-2023: Seminar: data sciences and sociology, Paris Dauphine University

  • 2021-2022: Doctoral workshop: Design and development of prosopographic databases, Paris Dauphine University

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